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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  July 21, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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season and the players had signed off on a deal and hot tom skilling says there may be a cool down by bringing in new problems. wgn news @ 9 2 people are dead car is just scrap and the rails are mangled after a metra train on the rock island district line slams into a vehicle in oak forest. the top story, and a moment but first getting to the key to, another hot day at work struggling to stay cool. dan ponce out live in the heat, sorry dan >> good evening even though heat advisory technically ends at 9:00 p.m., it is still very hot it very uncomfortable just imagine what it was like for the
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people who had to work outside every day did not get the day off one of the worst days of the year to work outside despite 100 degree temperatures of paving roads and doing maintenance just because it is hot does not me that can take off their hard hats also kids from a youth conference battling heat for a good cause regarding cleaning and the site of an association which provides after-school services to children and young adults on the west side. the route the city fire department continues to deal with this problem as children fire hydrants to cool off not a good idea create serious pressure problems in neighborhoods and to create safety concerns. southeast side chicago senior citizens at cool
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having a good time competitive game of pool. friendly game of checkers or serious game of bridge. southeast regional senior center great option on sweltering days like today. city responded to dozens of calls neighbors and relatives making sure seniors are well taken care of. >> activities every day of the week we invite to senior citizens particularly during these hot weather * to come in and cool down and to socialize >> 18 is senior centers and satellite branches throughout the city a simple phone call away. >> this is a nice cool links at the for all of the old people we get hot you can come down and get picked up >> 311 and the number rides to and from these cooling centers are free admission is free no reason for anybody to be uncomfortable, yesterday at 129
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well-being checks will continue to this weekend as long as it stays hot. >> tom skilling in the weather center what is the verdict on the heat wave? >> bone to ease its little bit because of thunderstorm outflows but heavy rain on the way still over 25 states under advisory for key to and we in chicago put together our first set of back- to-back 100 degree days at midway yesterday and today since the deadly heat wave of 1995 everyone of these locations above 100 degrees today except for o'hare airport where it was 99 degrees at rockford where it was 97 degrees. dew points have come down a lake breeze off of the lake. there were 20 states at least about 100 today at 43
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of them above 90 degrees the seat to the east coast where it will be 100 degree temperatures in the big cities tomorrow. chicago area now cooling going out to the north. the heat index still near triple digits in the southern suburbs. lake breese coming in not going far and lead but here is the next twist in the pattern and bring up fire sending vigorous thunderstorms out of iowa and into our direction. they look like they are setting up several times over the next few days, could be a rumbling into the area in beebe hours of the morning getting a bit rain amounts forecasted along the south edge of this jet stream where storms tend to develop look at the rain forecast right on the actions own. we may get cooling but downpours not all bad news we do need to rein on around the area. back with more on this later >> people running fans and air conditioning all day and all
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night com ed the trouble keeping up pockets of power outages to route the city and suburbs causing people to take drastic measures like stealing power from a neighbor, gina makras outraged when she realized her neighbor was running an extension cord to her outdoor power outlet. left a note then called police. >> they assumed that i can afford that and yes yes they could have knocked on my door and asked me maybe. >> gina makras on plug the of legal power hook up at the police filed a report no ticket has been given gina makras hopes that is the ad but she cannot afford to pay for her power and someone else's. >> stores and heat wave could indirectly cause are com ed bills to go up the entire year causing blackouts hundreds of thousands across illinois com ed officials are lobbying for an act for them to develop a smart
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kid out of the dispatcher utility watchdog group wants the active voted down because it would allow com ed to raise rates to pay they said they should pay for their improvements out of their own pocket now. nfl owners have approved the framework for a labor agreement with the players which could end the 132 day lockout but the players are not thrilled saying that they are stuck in a deal that have never seen rich king with the the latest >> breaking story tonight nfl players in a conference call earlier tonight at the end moments ago some players said the nfl jumped the gun apparently an issue the players have not agreed to they need more time to hammer it out at the bargaining table between union officials and the nfl players will not approve anything tonight. nfl owners met in atlanta and approved what they said was the framework of a
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deal the vote was 31-0 with the oakland raiders abstaining commissioner roger goodell says that the hall of fame game scheduled for august seventh between the chicago bears and the st. louis rams had been canceled but hoped the rest of the nfl games would be salvaged in a 10 year agreement with the players >> essentially how the court for an agreement for well over a week as you all know and what we try to do is make sure that the topside today that they understood all ramifications put in a supplemental revenues sharing system that will be good for all clubs continue to have the competitive balance. and to make sure we continue the great game of football. >> the nfl had plans to open camp next wednesday but that was if the players approved the deal tonight that appears to be just about out the window you get representatives supposed to have a conference short the next in sports we will get the details
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players not happy with the agreement as it stands it details in their decertification of the year gets the to be certified a lot of issues before it gets done >> sounds like the players are upset because the owners beat them to the punch it is up to you guys and felt like there were details that had never seen before >> exactly a great public relations move for the owners now that can blame the players but the players do not want to be rushed in and labor agreement if the leadership agrees goes to the rank-and- file how long did that take? you did not do it like that you need to look at the fine print we will keep you updated data allow your children to stay out past curfew may cost you chicago city council considers a measure that could fine parents if children break curfew and the military takes steps to finally get rid of the controversial rule banning gays in the military and follow up to and the best addition major boat and a high
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stakes bidding war over it at o'hare concession contract why mayor emmanuel choice still raising eyebrows. wgn news @ 9 ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] sweet honey taste. 80 calories per serving. 40% daily value of fiber. i'm here in the downtown area where the crowd is growing.
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top story fatal metra said that
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oak forest what happened in the latest tonight. >> train likely traveling at 60 mi. per hour barreling past gates at 167th and central at oak forest so great impact crushed a car and people inside all of recognizable. this picture says it all never stood a chance against seven car passenger train bound for chicago impact at 4:00 p.m. 89 passengers on board, one of them >> we were in the front part i heard day boom and we left the track not sure if week the belt or what the story was you could see the dust from the rocks and i did not even realize we had a difficult until the gentleman across from us >> seven people transported with
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minor injuries but with the day's sweltering heat the weather continues to be a factor >> bombs and bruises people were pretty hot by the time we had to walk back several minutes to get bosses' >> cooling bosses or passengers and workers if necessary temperatures hovering close to 100 as rush-hour further impacted by the crash stopping the train traffic inbound and outbound at one point the train derailed and demolished the car also damaging the tracks >> everybody in the vehicle kind of freaked out a little scary but i myself tried to state, i wanted to keep my children, sell i actually just try to help everybody stay, we were all locate the train stopped we were still standing we did not it flip over or anything so it was just a matter of getting everybody off of the train
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>> went to several fields to stop the train with a cart wedged under >> 15 area fire departments call to the scene at thousands of rush-hour commuters affected still to clear the track in preparation but the morning commute >> we will look at everything the signals of the gates >> do not forget the crew aboard the train metra interviewed them after the crash take a quick look behind me a train and just did go through the gates trains are in deep going through some of them slowly not sure if eastbound or westbound but trains passing through as for the people who perished very little we know about that as of now no one has been able to identify them, fully understand how or why there were out on the tracks where there were this afternoon as for commuters a familiar with the rock island
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line they can go to for the latest schedule >> for the second time in three years a curfew crackdown's coming to chicago streets details >> we do not have randi in the meantime what is coming out next they will continue to negotiate but no deal on increasing the debt ceiling lawmakers voting tonight to avoid a crisis and now it is your height that may impact your risk to serious health problem right back after we get organized. check out the kmart back to campus sale. get this coexist by cannon complete room, just 39.99, any size! cannon bath towels are now only 3.99. and all casual and dorm furniture is on sale - including this manhattan futon, just 99.99.
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there's smart, and there's kmart smart.
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wgn news @ 9 republicans demanding and finally getting a vote in the senate today on the house bill to cut and cap spending as well as balance the budget >> the two avoid default but take a meaningful step for real deficit reduction that no progress to report but we continue to work on getting the most significant deficit reduction package possible >> if lawmakers did not agree on a compromise plan in the next two weeks to raise the nation's debt ceiling country could default on 14 trillion dollar debt military don't ask don't tell policy expected to be officially but till tomorrow white house insiders said the
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pentagon ready to certify the united states military will accept openly gay men and women when that is done don't ask don't tell policy will formally be repealed. pappa got ready to announce certification tomorrow even after certification a 60 day waiting period before full of fact >> big money contract concessions at o'hare's international terminal 5 will switch hands apparently longtime ally of former mayor daley a big loser aviation committee of chicago city council voted to give the restaurant and store business to westfield which runs malls around the country >> now the full city council will vote likely approving the committee and mayor emmanuel recommendation of westfield losing the contract after a nearly 20 years chicago aviation partners led by mayor daley powell jeremiah joyce westfield
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financial proposal was called opus pulgas numbers apparently the end of a long drawn out battle of clout west of lobbying team included the brother of cook county sheriff tom dart. off the peaks are there tonight children, public safety committee approved a measure that would require children under 12 years old to be home by 8:30 p.m. sunday-thursday night by 9:00 on friday and saturday night new curfew designed to help reduce violence parents can be fined the to perform community service if children pilots the curfew >> a lot of things happen at night that goes wrong >> it should be when the sun is setting kids did not want to be outside at 830 pm half of june up until the end of july the sun it does not set until 830-9:00 >> entire city council voted on the bill next thursday at that does pass taken affect 30 days after that >> we want to hear from you do you think children parents
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should be fined if out past curfew, text yes or no to 97999. or vote online getting testy over school choice? let me break the news to you, my children are not in a public position. mayor rahm emmanuel an interview with another reporter cutting in the interview short when asked what school his children will be attending and they look like apple stores smell like apple stores the employee believes that are working at apple stores so what is wrong but they chop popping up in china?
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mayor rahm emmanuel will not be sending his children to chicago public schools sending to the same school president obama said his daughters knows the move will not be popular but believes voters will understand chicago teachers union released this statement reacting say they understand why he would choose a school with small class sizes broad rich curriculum that offers world languages, focus on critical thinking not test taking teacher and assistant in every classroom and paid high- quality professional about it for teachers wonderful he has that option available to them. the >> did get testy with colleagues at channel five today sitting down for an interview
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>> there is not public >> they are in a public position >> let me break the news to you, my children are not in a public position. the mayor is in a public position i look for to make future interview. >> we should say there is more to that looked online to find out >> longtime press secretary, a year deadly joining him again at a new law firm jackie heard worked with mayor daley for 14 years holding a white notebook now joining katten muchin rosenman as the firm's director of communications public relations mayor daley joined the
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same firm last month. jodi kawada deputy secretary working port eight years will also join the firm. coming up slightly cooler and all what we need, tom skilling says we will get more storms move that could be a problem that closer look at the forecast next.
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wgn news @ 9
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not the right way to do that, chicagoans desperate for relief that was the way to cool off but again not encouraged by the fire department of chicago. >> there could be some real problems. certainly award today you can understand the motivation for doing that but it is the wrong thing to do triple digit temperatures second day in a row at midway airport have not done that since the deadly 1995 heat wave looking abroad the area many people sent us pictures of towering clouds, churning atmosphere producing this thunderhead and the distance look at this johna and anne nelson, celebrated his birthday during the blizzard spent about seven hours shoveling snow put some in the refrigerator and said i will wake of the first heat wave watch it melt and to celebrate that is a great shot many of us
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would have loved to do that today, great way to approach that look at the thunderstorms the clouds building we have gotten some thunderstorms scattered but we got some blockbuster stores coming together to the west of us. from time to time in the next few days winding their way in our area we already corridor that could see heavy rain it ring of fire the fire is the heat wave running all of the way to the nation's midland the east coast and big city there at the store clusters developing a lot deeper bear, some of them tapping the energy out of the monsoon for instance these storms that came into the area today sprinkled on some area with gusty wind but did not produce rain. first batch the next batch coming in behind it, in fact instruct of looking at the way they are laid out see how the cluster gap betwenen them not contiguous,
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if they've repeatedly passed a particular corridor, we will get some pretty good rain. a good thunderhead all the b.s. that of the late you can probably see towering clouds there at this very active group developing here the storms and others that follow you will see upstream coming out of kansas and colorado all of these are east and northeast bound so they run the risk of coming into the area producing heavy rain. look at the lightning, keep in mind thunderstorm concentrations rain like you entities in nature with the jet stream oriented right at the edge right on our area of the storms tend to fire to the west and global of the jet stream if you get those sitting over an area several hours heavy amounts of rain. we have at least one model kicking out the 3-6 edge totals in the heaviest rain areas but that was not the
9:32 pm
general across the area. you know how summer rain comes what area will get the mother will miss them all together this is the corridor store prediction center may be on the lookout for severe weather tomorrow or tomorrow night looks like pretty active storms later tonight potential is real fort downpours and also incredible lightning displays. july not official the third warmest at midway airport since started there in 1928 we have cooler lake breezes and the outflow thunderstorms still managing to get some ideas the next few days. we could see it 1-3 in. of rain in parts of the chicago area. the model has this coming in during the morning others following looking farther into the future watch how things transpire. tomorrow evening scattered fashion look at what happens after sunset the clusters of storms developing
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and remember a jet stream running like that, these things are firing into moving across the same area, here we are at midnight tomorrow night more clusters come again during morning hours on sunday at fired from time to time on saturday so it will not rain continuously but when it comes down to do so with great vigor this is where the model suggests a heavy corridor of rain coming down you will see we are and that keeping a look at some of the numbers that the model generates. these are estimates of rainfall vary widely and thunderstorms yet the pattern developing small amounts indicated, 43 states indicated above 90 degrees 24 of them above 100 including the chicago area cooler weather to the north the bus but it is the key to that will be placing again to the south and out east going out to washington d.c. philadelphia and boston or new york expected near triple digit temperatures.
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from the lakefront-midway airport topping out at 101 degrees today. we will share some more of those temperatures on the update coming up also looking at the weekend that could be warm and humid between these thunderstorms cooled off a bit early next week and then walking back up again at the end of next week. indications from history that summer that opens up with huge numbers of nineties like this one stay hot overall. scattered showers and storms developing some capable of downpours and vivid lightning displaced later tonight and gusty wind but temperatures 74 variable read the 3-13 mi. per hour. seventh prize. over the last 30 days on the books around here. driest. at least at midway airport going back to 1928.
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tomorrow morning storms in the cluster that could produce downpours and that a pause as we keep the atmosphere up bring sot mixed with clouds and the new stores scattered fashion later in the day. may 8th at the beaches. early thunderstorms and it was developing in the '70s, mid '80s at the beaches. a very warm and humidity stored in clusters again any one of these to add a quarter inches of water and the atmosphere and the thunderstorm caught up sot set up and concentrates to the brand is very heavy rain got to watch that. hopefully it will not do too much we need rain. >> yes we do my plants and needed for sure. big-time guest season premiere of chicago live.
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chicago very own billy corbin talking about everything about the demise of the only alternative rock station 23 music projects distributing more than 40 sox on the internet also stopping by chicago fire capt. against one of the world's best teams manchester united. >> almost an impossible challenge as a spectacle of a great event bring a team like manchester united to chicago and you just try to do everything you can to hang in with those guys >> chicago live stay chair goes beyond the stage of the big story produced by coming up pack a day ok? most people believe so what is going on? last shuttle astronauts encoding and chicago went on
9:37 pm
their mission to space. and back in the sports off this morning to the loss of the bears hall of fame game however we may have half of a deal done in the nfl lockout. well not see chicago bears in action agreement earlier that story coming up and the white sox ozzie guillen state to it for that. . it's time to rethink pet food, how it's made and how it keeps your pet healthy and active. innova is the leader in holistic pet food made with natural high-quality proteins, whole grains and farm-fresh fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots to give your pet more out of every ingredient. and we make innova the way you'd make it, with everything they need and nothing they don't. innova is pet food made right, so you can feed them right. find it at your local pet store.
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medical watch your height may heighten your cancer risk tall the threat of disease goes up british researchers says tall women get breast you read about and skin cancers more often than shorter friends for every 4 in. bump in height is 60 percent greater risk of cancer diagnosis, prior studies show cancer risk be said for tall men so what do you do? eat well do not smoke and get the recommended cancer screenings to help diagnose disease at an earlier more treatable stage. surprisingly more people believe it is ok to smoke in new survey by the united states substance abuse and mental health administration says in one year the attitude toward smoking shifted among adults and teenagers but more dramatically for young people 27.7 percent of
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adults and 32.3 percent of teens says did not perceive a serious risk from smoking 137 people were interviewed to reach the findings. 137,000. going to the hospital is worse medical errors and hospital infections kill millions each year making a trip to the hospital more dangerous than a trip on an airplane. statistics, admitted to the hospital your chance of being subjected to an ever 1 in 10 chance of dying 1-300, risk of dying in a plane crash one in 10 million. healthcare has a long way to go to provide safe treatment. statistics all over the world. at issue we have been dealing with our government did and went on a global level. >> coming up at the end of a
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dream for many last shuttle astronauts ever talk about the final flight and the nfl lockout half over, we'll explain what that means later in sports.
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verizon claims its 4g lte is twice as fast as at&t. we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ? done ! verizon's done ! i've got seven left ! the fastest network in america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution. wgn news @ 9
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30 years ago the idea was cutting edge " ambitious but nasa space shuttle program lived up to expectations now the last mission has come to an end. thousands came out to see history and say goodbye to the most sophisticated and successful space program every day astronauts would wake up to music one day it was cold play of the other beyonce the swan song was the patriotic god bless america of the year's more than 2000 experiments conducted during shuttle mission >> a few bad apples in china apple stores, shops like this one cell apple computers, iphones, ipods and ipads while the products are apparently real the stores themselves are fakes modeled after official apple stores complete with winding staircases special sitting areas employees in the signature blue t-shirts actually believe
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it works for apple but nothing to do with building or operation of the store apple only has four authentic stores in china no public statements about the fake stores. tom skilling seven day forecast >> showers and thunderstorms people have been writing for weeks saying we need rain we have some coming 89 degrees tonight in chicago the heat is widespread cooling off to the north humidity is dropping for a time seems to be coming back up again 89 degrees at o'hare airport 91 degrees at bid with a factor in the humidity. the heat index approaching 100 and southern suburbs. with the coming off of the lake like lake breeze public at the number with reports heat index across the midwest still blazingly hot dog to the south quite a temperature drop where it has made today or the band has shifted that is the upper and
9:47 pm
western it midwest here in chicago northeast wind blowing heat index at o'hare airport 94 degrees and peabody 53 degrees with a 70 dew point. check out these temperatures. thunderstorms approaching from the west in and out the next two days in clusters in fact going into sunday as well might be continuous rain when it comes down we will have periods of drains over the area a huge rain collection capability so much moisture in the atmosphere sports apparel like a jet keeping them all but the same real-estate wed extended period of time we will be watching the radar carefully did next few days as we watch the warmth and humidity he's a bit but still pretty uncomfortable. >> try to keep schools " and try
9:48 pm
to beat the heat in any way they can't back up images you will find in photos of the day: chicago tribune photos of the day:
9:49 pm
more photos on our website and camera took great photos today at the third and willnnual hands of peace acting teens from the middle east to the north shore teenagers live there for two weeks spent time learning how to get locked into a cultural relationships goal to have peace building skills learned and to educate american families and communities about the middle east. coming up a gut-wrenching loss to kansas city royals last night left ozzie guillen with a choice words for his team and the owners say done deal players say hold on a minute rich king dust
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out there with a better way. now, that's progressive. i think a deal is almost done but the way it was positioned today. honors shot a bit in the
9:53 pm
hands we need to look to the details >> they did the right thing we will see what happens read the fine print nfl players heard from their bosses tonight no vo te on the of budget labor deal by the nfl owners players want more time to get all of the details of the proposed agreement approval may be likely. at let the owners voted 31-02% to accept labor agreement commissioner roger goodell expects a quick vote by the players to end the lockout not lasting 132 days. >> i think we have crafted a long-term agreement that can be good with a game of football but for the players and good for the clubs and most importantly good for our game. for our fans. we really are anxious to get
9:54 pm
back to football >> i respect the players and what they need to do to get recertified and the union had to sell i respect that i believe that we all have the obligation to get a decision don >> now had the players made a deal tonight open for business on saturday nfl camps could begin on wednesday had not thought about the hall of fame game between the chicago bears and st. louis rams is off pushed back a day or two maybe not if the players vote tomorrow but exact timetable of all this in the future. cubs and white sox both off today the white sox heading put a big weekend series in cleveland now 3-3 on current road trip after another disheartening loss in kansas city last night ozzie guillen frustrated as the fans called out his team for poor play especially offensive late @p>> a lot of respect for these
9:55 pm
kids when we approached the plate not a good ball club out there i am tired of these people i will say what i need to say what i said in detroit i take that back this take one day at a time one day we lose no energy in the dugout that approach at the plate bad approach at the plate we are going to cleveland good luck >> typical ozzie guillen fought a preparations on the wake of the rival of manchester united world's most storied soccer team playing chicago fire 5:00 on sunday at soldier field which should be a sellout manchester united just defeated the seattle sounders 7-0 before 67,000 fans in seattle star player wayne rooney hat trick out in chicago to showcase towelettes on the lakefront
9:56 pm
>> and get our players are looking forward to and also the fans, this is a great city, i think it is rich in soccer and the tradition and history and i think it is a city that represents the world. >> that game is saturday, wnba action taken at all for the lay up and get a wed 77-63. reports tonight detroit pistons in a bank lawrence frank new head coach and team in turkey says in contact with people and kobe bryant capcamp golf, beginning on tuesday defending champion david chung cannot wait to get going first-team all pac-12 winning at the north shore country club western amateur
9:57 pm
open >> best players in the tournament to the best amateurs and that you have a very grueling set of tournament it's up to when this parliament probably my biggest accomplishment of my career >> good luck to have next week and good luck to the players tomorrow hopefully we will have football by next week >> that is the news for thursday night happy you shared time with us have a great night updates on good night.
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